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Work of an MEP

As an MEP my job is to work in Scotland and in the Parliament to ensure that Scotland's voice is heard in the EU. Even though we're not yet an independent nation, I work to make sure that we are recognised and considered by our European neighbours and by the EU institutions.

Unlike an MP or MSP, I do not have a specific constituency. Instead I cover the whole of Scotland. I spend about half my time in Brussels or Strasbourg and half in Scotland. When I am in Scotland, I try to get across as much of the country as I can and meet as many people as I can.

A big part of my job is raising awareness of what is happening in the European Parliament, as well as listening to what people have to say on the issues that we are dealing with in the Parliament. By working with people, businesses and organisations across Scotland I hope to help them fulfil their aims and take Scotland's voice to the European institutions.