Whitney Album Price Hike Raises Concerns Over Copyright

SNP MEP and previous member of the European Parliament's Culture Committee, Alyn Smith has criticised music giant Sony Music UK for raising the price of Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits Album by 60% in the hours following her death.

Following a media backlash, Sony later reversed their position claiming the price hike to be an 'employee error', however the issue raises serious concerns over copyright law.

Alyn said:

"I was pleased to see Sony reverse their position and apologise for the grossly inappropriate price hike. I find it hard to believe, however, that this was a mistake, and more likely a panicked retreat following mass criticism.

"The price hike, although temporary, has again raised many concerns on the issue of copyright, and the protection of artists' interests.

"I have long campaigned for copyright laws to be reformed so that they are compatible with the digitalised era we live in. The situation with Whitney Houston's album makes a mockery of copyright's ability to protect artists.

"We need to deliver a system of recognition and reward, whereby artists are receiving fair remuneration for their work.

"We need a rational debate on what copyright means in our interconnected digital age, and we all have a stake in that discussion. Sony's ghoulish profiteering is a handy reminder that there are some pretty brutal corporate interests at stake here lurking behind the cover of artistic creativity."