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Welcome Boost For Scots Talent

Alyn Smith, SNP MEP and member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee and substitute member of the Energy, Industry and Research Committee, has today (Wednesday) hailed the announcement by the Scottish Government-funded Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) and the James Hutton Institute of the opening the Hydro Nation 2013 Scholars Programme for PhD studies.

CREW will administer the new Scholars Programme which will cover the following research areas:

  • Holding a register of water academic expertise in Scotland and providing robust advice on the subject;
  • Valuing water: e.g. the value of water to the economy, society and the environment in market and non-market terms; implementation of payment for ecosystem services; the economic regulation of water;
  • Water governance: transboundary water management; water governance to meet millennium development goals;
  • Water and energy: novel solutions for water services; rural waste water treatment; climate change adaptation;
  • Catchment management: water ecosystem health; multiple benefits of water resource management; source protection.

Alyn said:

"This is very welcome news. The economy of the future will be based on skills and knowledge and while Scotland is already well-regarded for its research base, it is vital that we keep building upon it. This will not only stimulate our economy but also increase our already good international reputation in this field.

"And there is no doubt that water and Scotland go hand in hand - water has shaped our nation. It is - along with our oil and gas supplies - a huge resource and it is right that we recognise the positive possibilities of greater research into its management, its value and its energy potential.

"The Scholars Programme offers a first-class opportunity for our best and brightest to really make their mark in our knowledge base of this truly crucial resource."

The Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) is a developing partnership between the James Hutton Institute, the Scottish Government and its agencies (SEPA and Scottish Water) and Scottish Higher Education Institutes, supported by Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland. It ensures that water research and expertise is available and accessible to the policy community, in a timely and effective manner. Funded by the Scottish Government, CREW has also been assigned the administration of the Hydro Nation Scholars Programme, and currently conducts research on key issues such as Scotland’s water sector map and the value of water resources.

Applications will be open until 28 February 2013. Further information is available on the Scholars Programme page of the CREW website.