Welcome abolition of roaming charges across the EU

SNP MEP Alyn Smith, Scottish Member of the European Parliament, has welcomed the provisional deal reached last night which will pave the way for no roaming charges across the whole EU.

The agreement between the European Commission, Council and European Parliament on the legislative proposals on a telecommunications single market will see data roaming charges abolished by June 2017. Furthermore, as of April 2016, surcharges for roaming will be capped at a maximum of €0.05 per minute for calls, €0.02 for SMSs and €0.05 per megabyte for data.

Alyn, who has championed the issue for the last eleven years, said:

"Roaming charges are a plague and have been for years, although thankfully data roaming is now up to 91% cheaper compared to 2007 rates. However, last night's agreement will completely remove costs with consumers across Europe seeing a direct benefit.

"This decision is great news for holidaymakers and those travelling for business alike. It will now be possible to travel across the EU and remain connected without incurring high charges. The ability to enjoy the same conditions at home in Scotland and abroad across the EU highlights just one of the many advantages of being part of the European Union."

You can read the full announcement here