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SNP condemn failure of Parliament to close emissions test loopholes

SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith condemned the failure of the European Parliament to block the European Commission’s proposed emissions tests.

The EU Commission ruled last year that the proposed 80mg/km emissions limit could be exceeded by 110% until 2021 (effectively replacing the limit value with 168mg/km) and by 50% thereafter (effectively changing the limit to 120mg/km). 

Parliament had an opportunity to block this but failed to reach a majority (317 in favour out of a required 375 MEPs).

Alyn said:

“It is an outrage that the Parliament did not close this loophole. Allowing manufacturers such as VW to breach the legal limits just because they can’t make clean cars is not acceptable.

 “VW promised to sell cars under the current rules and should be forced to do so, or be fined because they are incapable.

“I have said from the beginning that the penalties for this must be high. VW have systematically lied to regulators and consumers, many of whom - myself included - bought a diesel car because we were told it was better for the environment.

“The data these claims were based on was a lie.”


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