UK Must End Transmission Discrimination

Further Price Hikes For Fuel Result Of UK Government Inaction

SNP MEP and member of the European Parliament’s Industry, Energy and Research Committee, Alyn Smith has today said that the planned price hike by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) is a result of the UK Government’s refusal to end its discriminatory regime on transmission charging.

In a press statement released on August 22nd, SSE announced that from October 15th of this year the average price for its customer will rise by 9%. In the statement the company pointed to the “cost of using electricity and gas networks” as the reason for its sudden hike.

Commenting, Alyn Smith MEP said:

“This decision by Scottish and Southern Energy is yet further evidence that the UK Government’s refusal to overhaul its unfair, disadvantageous system of transmission charging is directly hitting Scots wallets.

“Scotland already faces amongst the highest energy bills in Europe, forcing many in the country into fuel poverty and struggling to make ends meet, despite the country being the continent’s energy powerhouse.

“The UK government’s system of transmission charging has been shown to be flawed time and time again. A fundamental change is to need towards a more progressive system where developers and generators are not penalised for making use of the country’s natural resources because they don’t happen to be in London.”