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UK - Israel arms trade must end now

Alyn Smith, Scotland’s only voice on the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, has written to the Prime Minister to back calls for an arms embargo on Israel. 

Alyn said:

“Following recent reports that Israel’s shelling of a UN school in Rafah was potentially criminal under international law, I have urged the Prime Minister to suspend all arms trade with Israel until this incident has been thoroughly investigated. 

“The people inside that school were civilians, already forced from their homes by the violence, and the UN building was supposed to be a place of shelter.

“While of course rocket attacks from Gaza are to be condemned, the response by Israel has been hugely disproportionate and the many civilian casualties that this has caused are absolutely unacceptable. The UK Government must ensure that it does not become in any way responsible for facilitating these acts by continuing to arm a government that has allegedly committed war crimes.

“The Prime Minister must be aware of the outrage this situation has caused in Scottish streets where hundreds have gathered to express their solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. I simply cannot understand why the UK Government is not acting to reflect the will of its people. 

"The Scottish Government has offered £500k in direct humanitarian aid as well as specialist hospital care for some of those affected by the conflict.  The power to end arms trade with Israel, however, remains with Westminster which has so far not done its part to end the suffering in Gaza. Only with the full powers of independence can Scotland ensure that we do not contribute to arming states that may use weapons in violation of international law.”

 A PDF copy of Alyn's letter to the Prime Minister is available below: