12,000 signature petition delivered to Commission to stop funds for bullfighting

The campaign to end EU subsidies for bullfighting was taken to the very top by SNP MEP Alyn Smith.  Buoyed by support from all over Europe, he delivered a demand for action to the European Commission by submitting a petition of over 12,000 signatures.


Alyn said:

"After yet another long summer of animals being tortured to death in blood festivals like the Toro de la Vega, my determination to see the end of subsidies for this barbarity is redoubled.

"We've got blood on our hands, every one of us.  We may not attend the killing but we pay to keep it going.  Bullfighting is being funded through Common Agricultural Policy programmes which are supposed to be for producing food not breeding bulls for slaughter in out-dated events like bullfighting or blood festivals.

"This subsidy simply cannot be justified and we should stop funding barbaric practices.  The EU is committed to animal welfare, it's about time we showed that, reaffirmed this commitment and ended this subsidy for cruelty.

"European citizens are horrified that they're paying for this throwback to the dark ages.  Thousands of them have signed up to my petition, including many of my MEP colleagues, which I've given to the Commission and I will be expecting some action on the issue.

"I'd like to say a massive 'thank you' to everyone who has signed the petition - I’m very grateful for the support.  I hope our hard work goes some way to put an end to public money being used to subsidise cruelty."