The SNP have a clear, unequivocal and easy to understand position that we believe will deliver Scotland’s best future: independence in Europe.

We want to be an independent member state within the EU, welcoming and co-operative, working with our friends and neighbours in the European mainstream. We’d like the UK to be there as well, but if the UK chooses isolation and a different path that is its right. We chose to remain. There will be many twists and turns to get there, and there are options such as EEA or EFTA membership that we could thole as a better alternative to crashing out, but our position is clear and I’ll hear no lectures from Brexiteer Tories or their apologists on what is best for my country. They signed, sealed and delivered Brexit, and UK Labour is singing along while Scottish Labour (with a few exceptions) have been posted missing.

A wise man would describe that backdrop as “redolent with opportunity”. Now is not the time for the Yes movement to be distracted by the narcissism of small differences.