Reduce VAT sunscreen!



Alyn and Lynsey Paris, a young mother and skin cancer patient have launched a campaign to reduce VAT on sunscreen protection products, backed by Melanoma Action & Support Scotland (MASScot).

Currently, sun protection products are classified as a cosmetic product and subjected to the usual 20% VAT level. This campaign is calling on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to reduce that to help protect against the danger of skin cancer.

We need to reduce the price of sun protection which is currently covered by a standard rate of 20% VAT and classed as cosmetics rather than the life-saving products they are.

The UK Government must recognise the importance of high factor sunscreen and act on it. Legal complications and organisational buck-passing must end so we don’t miss out on an opportunity to protect Scots’ health.

With the number of people diagnosed with skin cancer in Scotland increasing, sun cream is a necessity rather than a luxury and 20% VAT on it is simply wrong.  It’s not a cosmetic and the cost of cancer treatment far outweighs any gains to the exchequer.

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