SNP writes to European Commission over 'shameful' CAP settlement from UK Government

SNP MEP and member of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee Alyn Smith has written to the European Commission highlighting the decision by the UK Government not to direct all of the UK’s 220 million EUR uplift to Scotland - despite the fact the money was given to the UK to specifically support Scottish farmers.  

Commenting, Alyn Smith MEP said:

“The announcement last Friday was a huge blow to the Scottish farming community and has rightly angered many in Scotland, myself included.

“The UK government has received these funds solely due to the reason that Scottish farmers receive amongst the lowest CAP payments in the whole of Europe.

“The convergence formula was put in place to ensure greater fairness for farmers across the European Union. Farmers in Scotland fall significantly below the 196 EUR per hectare in payments that was set by the EU, farmers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland all receive above that limited.

“Without Scotland, the UK would have received no extra funds from the EU. This is essentially Westminster stealing money from Scots farmers.

“I have now written to the European Commission over this shameful action by the UK government and highlighted how it flies in the face of the spirit in which these funds are allocated.

“It is only because Scotland is represented by Westminster in the EU that our farmers have been robbed. If Scotland was independent we would be seeing an extra 1bn EUR coming our way to support our farming community – this just highlights how Scotland loses out by being part of the UK.”