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SNP politicians demand real living wage

Stirling SNP MSP Bruce Crawford and SNP Westminster candidate for Stirling Alyn Smith have voiced their support for Living Wage Week. 

Alyn Smith MEP and Bruce Crawford MSP in Stirling City Centre

Living wage week is an annual celebration that is taking place between Monday 11th to Sunday 17th November this year.

The purpose of living wage week is to promote the benefits of Living Wage accreditation to staff, stakeholders and the general public. 

There are numerous benefits to the implementation of the real living wage, including the reduction of in-work poverty,  the promotion of local businesses by attaining accreditation, and increasing the quality of life for people on the minimum wage.

During this week, a new rate of the living wage was announced by the Living Wage foundation at £9.30.

Both Bruce Crawford MSP and Alyn Smith are proud to support the implementation of this real living wage. 

The present Conservative government has committed to raising the national living wage to £10.50 by 2024. 

But Bruce and Alyn believe this is too little too late. 

That’s why they support payment of the real Living Wage, which ensures peoples basic wage continue to meet the real cost of living - indeed, the SNP has committed to fight for a real living wage of over £10 by the end of this parliament for all workers aged over 18. 

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“I support the implementation of the real living wage. It is vital to help lift people out of poverty, to promote local business, and to help create a fairer society. The SNP has also committed to encouraging the implementation of the real living wage across Scotland and the UK as a whole. This is evidence by the fact that Scotland has more than a quarter of the accredited Living Wage employers of the UK. Further to this, the Scottish Government has implemented the Living wage and is a certified Living Wage employer.”

Commenting, Alyn Smith MEP said:

“The implementation of the real living wage is essential to relieve poverty in Scotland. In 2016, the Tories claimed to have implemented the ‘living wage’ by making it law to pay workers that were over 25 £7.20 an hour. This was at a time when the real living wage - as identified by the living wage foundation  at the time - was £8.45. They now say they will be raising the national living wage to £10.50 - but not until 2024. This is too little too late from the Tories, which is why it is SNP policy to fight for a real living wage of over £10 by the end of this parliament. We also call on the UK parliament to increase the pay of 16 to 18 year olds and apprentices in line with changes to the rate of the real Living Wage. We will call for the UK government to task the Low Pay Commission to deliver this national pay rise, and to put in place appropriate support for employers where it’s needed.”