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SNP MEPs show support for imprisoned Catalan colleagues

The SNP team in the European Parliament, Ian Hudghton MEP and Alyn Smith MEP, has today taken part in a protest to highlight the ongoing incarceration of former MEP Catalan colleagues Raül Romeva and Oriol Junqueras.

The pair wore yellow T-shirts in the plenary session in Strasbourg alongside colleagues from other groups calling for the immediate release of all prisoners presently in jail in Spain pending their trials on various charges relating to the Catalan independence referendum last year.

The pair said:

"There is a lot to be discussed within Catalonia - and indeed between Catalonia and Spain - and we are always sensitive to domestic politics.  However, it is clear that aside from anything else continuing the incarceration of democratically elected politicians is entirely unhelpful to any resolution of the dispute and they should be released immediately.

"We have, along with others, expressed concern at events in Catalonia and the misuse of European Arrest Warrants to prosecute former ministers for alleged crimes.  We were glad that European pressure led to the warrants being withdrawn.

"But this is personal too.  Raül and Oriol were good colleagues in the European Parliament and they're in jail.  That just isn't right, and we call upon the State of Spain to release them."