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SNP Launch Shetland Council Campaign

"A new team for Shetland"

Shetland SNP have launched the council campaign for the local elections to Shetland Isles Council on 3 May. The SNP is fielding two candidates, Danus Skene in Lerwick North and Iain Morrison in Lerwick South, and the SNP duo were joined by two of the SNP's parliamentarians, Jean Urquhart MSP and Alyn Smith MEP, in campaigning.
Danus said:

"The islands need a new approach, and I'm proud to be one of the local representatives of a competent and professional SNP team delivering for the people of Scotland in Parliaments in Edinburgh, Brussels and Westminster.

"If elected as a Councillor I promise to put the interests of my constituents above all others, and to work constructively with others across Scotland to share experience and ideas to Shetland's benefit."

Iain added:

"People all over Shetland have been telling me how willing they are to consider change. We deserve better.  While we do have a tradition of independents in our local politics, there is a lot to be said for professionalism and competence too! The SNP approach that has seen such a focus on delivery could be of real use in the islands and I'm proud to be part of an SNP team."

Jean Urquhart MSP added:

"As a Highlands and Islands MSP and a retiring councillor myself I've been delighted to work with Iain and Danus and have been struck by their hard work and commitment to seeing Shetland live up to the potential these islands have.

Alyn Smith MEP added:

"The islands deserve better than the serial incompetence of the outgoing administration. In my experience, having worked with councils the length and breadth of Scotland over the past 7 years that I have represented Scotland in the European Parliament, independent politicians, with a few honourable exceptions, simply lack the resources and support, and often the discipline, to be effective.

"I think this is borne out in the sorry tale of the outgoing administration, which seems to have been characterised by mismanaged vanity projects and waste of public money. Some of the errors made in recent years are simply inexcusable."