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SNP welcomes ILO investigation into Tory Union proposals

Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament welcomed an assurance he has received from the International Labour Office (ILO) that they are investigating whether the Conservative party’s proposed changes to the right to strike are compatible with ratified ILO conventions.

The Committee of Experts on the Application of Convention and Recommendations (CEACR) of the ILO is currently meeting to assess this and will publish a report of its findings early next year.

Alyn Smith MEP said:

“This is clearly welcome news. The Tory proposals to restrict the ability of the unions to legitimately strike are utterly unjust. 

“Freedom of association and the right to strike go hand in hand. This investigation is a positive development and I look forward to seeing their findings. The very fact that the ILO is investigating illustrates how for far the Tory government has gone.

“The Conservatives’ desire to further erode the basic right to strike in Scotland is not acceptable and the SNP will continue to challenge it domestically, in Europe and in international law.”

Chris Stephens MP said:

“The Trade Union Bill infringes basic civil liberties and human rights, on the right to strike, their picketing proposals and the removal of trade union subs being deducted from salary.
“At its heart the TU bill is designed to curtail trade union organisation in the workplace and I am delighted that the ILO are taking the issue very seriously.” 


The letter from Alyn to the ILO and the reply can be read here.