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SNP hail European Policy Centre analysis on independence

SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith has today hailed the publication by the respected think tank, the European Policy Centre, of a Policy Brief, "Could an independent Scotland join the European Union".

The analysis paper concludes "Scotland in future is likely to remain in the EU, either as an independent country or as part of the UK.  But the Scottish vote could affect whether the rest of the UK stays in the EU".

The analysis also unpacks the realpolitik in Brussels of a Yes vote in September, concluding that "from a practical point of view, no member state has a material interest in Scotland remaining outside the EU, even for a short time" indeed that "Scotland outside the EU, and not applying EU rules, would be a legal nightmare for EU member states, whose citizens and enterprises would lose their rights in Scotland".

It also debunks the oft repeated scaremongering over Spanish attitudes quoting verbatim the Spanish Foreign Minister, ex MEP Mr Garcia Margallo "the attitude of the UK would be the determining factor in deciding our vote". Given the UK has consented to the agreed constitutional process, it is inconceivable that Spain will object.

Commenting, Alyn said: 

"This report is a very welcome breath of fresh air, and debunks much of the nonsense peddled on Scotland and the EU by people who should know better.  I'll be sending a copy to all oppositions MSPs for their enlightenment.

"The European Policy Centre is as serious as it gets in Brussels.  This paper poses, quite rightly, a few questions over the mechanics of the process whereby Scotland will transition from a region of a member state to a member state in our own right, but the conclusions are sound.

"I spent the last months of the European election campaign facing down wilful ignorance on the part of a number of people who should know better.  This serious and objective analysis shoots a number of anti independence foxes and it should be read by anyone with an interest in Scotland and the EU.  The biggest threat to Scotland's membership of the EU is the current trajectory of the Palace of Westminster."