SNP European campaign underway in Falkirk

Alyn Smith calls on local people to have their say

Two term MEP, and SNP candidate for this month’s European election, Alyn Smith visited Falkirk to encourage voters to take part in forthcoming elections and highlight the importance of a vote for a strong SNP team to ensure Scotland makes its mark on Europe.Alyn_-_the_Kelpies.jpg

Smith said:

“As always, I thoroughly enjoyed my day in Falkirk and I was delighted by the enthusiasm our message was met with among the people of the constituency.

"I visited the Kelpies today. They are truly a world class attraction that has put Falkirk on the map, in the same way as I want to see independence put Scotland on the map, well done to all involved.

“Falkirk Council has been very proactive in using EU funding to create and sustain good quality jobs, it is crucial we maintain that constructive engagement by securing Scotland's place in Europe at a time when other parties would see us cut off our nose to spite our face.

Alyn_Smith_Falkirk_Stadium.jpg“A vote for the SNP in these elections is a vote for a team that will focus solely on Scotland’s priorities and engage with Europe in a positive manner to get the best deal for Scotland.

“The Westminster parties’ obsessive anti-European agenda is completely at odds with Scotland’s interests, while their approach within the EU has let Scotland down time and time again. Scotland has good relationships with its neighbours in Europe and it is clear that we need the ability to speak with our own voice in the European arena. Only a vote for independence can secure this future.”

Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn said:

“We got a great response from the people of Falkirk today and I was delighted to be able to welcome Alyn to the town.

“We will continue to work hard between now and May 22nd to ensure that Scotland is represented by a strong team of SNP MEPs in the European Parliament. This is more important than ever before.”