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Second call launched for NER300 funding

The European Commission has today launched another call for proposals to fund innovative low-carbon energy demonstration projects.

Scotland has already secured success with the only two projects in the UK to have secured funding so far being Scottish tidal projects (Kyle Rhea and Sound of Islay) and now there are opportunities for more. The European Commission and the European Investment Bank are providing major funding opportunities for environmentally safe carbon capture and storage (CCS) and innovative renewable energy sources (RES) projects.

Lack of national funding saw all eight EU CCS projects pull out of the process last time and there are opportunities for Scotland to take the lead in this.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

"The fact that not a single CCS project was successful in the first round of calls last year was disappointing and I want to make sure that we don't make the same mistake this time around. The UK Government dragged its feet and we lost out but the big opportunity to develop this technology is still with us if we grab it.

"The money not taken up in the first round will now be re-allocated for the second round. Governments have until July the 3rd to submit proposals for demonstration projects and, since Scotland is not yet independent and the UK is the Member State and will have to put up a bit of money, we need the UK Government to show that it is taking it seriously now.

"We have massive potential for renewables with Scotland being the ideal location for practically every form and undoubtedly leading the way with it. 23 projects across Europe were funded in the first call and Scotland had two of those while the rest of the UK had none. I hope we can build on this and gain much more from the second round of the programme."