Scottish MEP reacts to day one of Brexit negotiations

Alyn Smith SNP MEP has delivered the following statement following the first day of the Brexit negotiations in Brussels. 

"I wondered how I'd feel watching the Tory minister negotiating away our future. Now I know. Angry. Scotland deserves better than this, as does the UK as a whole. 

"Once again, we've seen that Tory Prime Ministers prioritise their own party's stability over all else. It's painfully clear that the UK Government is woefully under-equipped to speak up for our country in global negotiations. 

“Whilst Michel Barnier emphasised that he wished to protect citizens' rights, David Davis confirmed he intends to pursue a reckless hard Brexit.

"We have a choice about the kind of country we want to be. Our attitude to the wider world will be integral to that choice, so let's make sure we’re vocally and convincingly on the right side. As Michel Barnier said, the clock is ticking. Brexit is not in Scotland's best interests. 

“Scotland voted for something different and I'm not going to be complicit in a colossal act of self-harm for the sake of the UK Tories. 

"This has barely started. Let's see who lasts the course."