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Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage Science Showcased In Brussels

Scotland is at the forefront of research into the environmental impacts of Carbon Capture and Storage projects, and this science must be at the forefront of efforts to promote the reality of this potentially planet saving technology concluded a high level briefing meeting held in Brussels hosted by Scots MEP Alyn Smith.

The event at the European Parliament brought together representatives and stakeholders to discuss ongoing experiments on CCS. Presentations included one from the University of Edinburgh on a project off the west coast of Scotland and other scientists from Germany, the UK and Norway.

Alyn said:

"The purpose of this event was to focus on the science, with sound technical advice on recent developments in CCS technology. I am a supporter of CCS as a low carbon technology, but clearly there are things that we are learning as this cutting edge technology is explored.

"We must ensure we have sound knowledge to facilitate the decision-making process. We need to make sure industry, and politicians, are up to speed on research. With CCS, we need to get the science right and I'm confident we shall.

"We have oil and gas as part of our energy mix, and CCS could, potentially, play a vast role in the country's, indeed the world's, energy future.