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Scotland in Europe Update: 31st May 2019

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the SNP’s best European election result ever.

The SNP has won in every area of Scotland except Orkney and Shetland, and so this update comes from your three SNP MEPs. Scotland has clearly voted against being taken out of Europe against its will, and instead voted for a party that backs remaining within the European Union.

In Scotland there was a different campaign, different arguments and a different result to the rest of the UK as a whole. The contrast could not be starker, as anybody who has seen a map of the results can see:

A map showing the largest vote share by voting area across the whole UK from the 2019 EU Elections

You can view the full results in detail at:

Within our moment of triumph there was one tinge of sadness. None of us have made any secret that we are sad to see David Martin leave the European Parliament in these circumstances. He had planned to retire so the fact he stood at all to play for the jersey is a credit to him and he deserved better from his party. Whatever he has in mind for the future, we all hope he is not lost to Scottish politics.

So, what next for us? Well after a great few weeks of campaigning we are getting to work in Brussels. Joining committees and doing everything we can to stop Brexit, as we promised the people of Scotland. In Westminster we can only watch on and wait to see who the Tory party members choose to be the next Prime Minister of the UK. If that leader chooses to force Brexit upon remain voting Scotland, then we must look to independence to stop Brexit for Scotland.

Whatever happens we know Scotland voted for Europe (again), we know that the Westminster parties are in open disarray, and we know Scotland deserves better.

Thanks again for all your support,

Alyn, Christian and Aileen
The SNP European Group

In the aftermath of the EU elections, Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell has called for an investigation into reports that some EU citizens were unable to vote in the EU Parliament elections.

The full and complete election results from all of Europe are worth looking at. Although the two large centre-left and centre-right groupings have shrunk, voters have not fled to the populists. The Liberals and our colleagues in the Greens had a very good night.

And this is what the result means for the SNP.

“The Scottish results make Scotland look rather mainstream European” is the conclusion of Dr Kirsty Hughes of the SCER.

The Scottish Government introduced a Bill to the Scottish Parliament to pave the way for an independence referendum.

A full explanation of what the Bill means can be found here.

It is remarkable but since the last update Theresa May has resigned and we have had an election! Going back to May’s resignation, this piece by Ian Dunt hit the nail on the head: “Theresa May announced her resignation as prime minister in the same way she began her term: with the expression of political values she did precisely nothing to promote.”

The Irish Times agree that her “errors and misjudgements have made a bad situation immeasurably – perhaps irrevocably – worse.”

If you only read one piece on her policy legacy, read this by Colin Yeo, editor of the Free Movement immigration law website.

Nicola Sturgeon visited Dublin to highlight Scotland’s growing political, cultural and business links with our European partners.

Ireland and France are to build a new Celtic Interconnector which will stretch 500km from Ireland to France, allowing it to directly access the EU’s energy markets post Brexit.

Seb Dance, Labour MEP for London, has written an important piece on why Labour’s Brexit policy has failed.

The Institute for Government has produced a handy (though terrifying) guide to why a new prime minister intent on a no deal Brexit may not be able to be stopped by MPs alone. We need to win the argument.

And finally, Michel Barnier gave an interview to the New York Review of Books. His message, that ‘nostalgia serves no purpose’ is more important than ever.