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Scotland in Europe Update 30th June 2017

So, the UK has finally put forward its generous offer to EU citizens – so generous, it removes their rights.

The major contention is that the UK is still refusing to accept the role of the European Court of Justice because the Government is listening to the militant Brexiteers of the UKIP and the Tory party rather than behaving rationally. Ultimately, as Michel Barnier the EU negotiator has said, the UK needs “more ambition, clarity and guarantees.”

In the Scottish Parliament Nicola Sturgeon emphasised that: “We remain committed - strongly - to the principle of giving Scotland a choice at the end of this process. But to reassure people that they will not be asked to make this choice now - or in the immediate future - but only at the end of the process when greater clarity has emerged, I am confirming today that the Scottish Government will reset the plan I set out on March 13th.”

From the beginning of this process the SNP has attempted to find constructive solutions to the democratic conundrum the 2014 IndyRef and 2016 EU Referendum results have presented us with.

The proposals in Scotland’s Place in Europe, for either the UK or Scotland to remain in the Single Market remain on the table but so far have been treated with contempt by the UK Government. I hope that this will change after the election result.

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Nicola Sturgeon’s statement on the EU negotiations and Scotland’s future

Scotland should be fully involved in Brexit talks, say the Scottish Chamber of Commerce.

Poles in the UK feel betrayed despite Theresa May’s ‘generous’ offer.

I reached out to Polish media to reiterate that Polish nationals in Scotland remain welcome here

Does the Salisbury convention apply in a hung parliament?

The European Central Bank has started to flex its muscles over euro trading in London post Brexit.

I met with the Welsh Finance Minister Mark Drakeford AM and Jill Evans MEP in Cardiff to discuss how we can work together for Wales and Scotland in Europe.

Catherine Day, the former Secretary-General of the Commission, has said that the UK’s Brexit negotiators are only just starting to understand the EU.

David McAllister MEP has said that UK will end up with a Ukraine-style Brexit.

Watch out for Tory misinformation as their Brexit collapses - you can read more in my National column:

This week there was a great example of the value of states working together in a rules-based system to hold corporations to account. The European Commission fined Google €2.42 billion for abusing its dominance as a search engine by giving illegal advantage to own comparison shopping service

Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform believes that the UK’s general election has increased the chances of a ‘softer’ Brexit.

However, this will need Jeremy Corbyn to represent the young remain supporters who voted for him, rather than sacking the members of his front bench who voted to remain in the Single Market.

Scotland is a vibrant and open country that benefits from being in the EU, says Fiona Hyslop MSP and Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs. I wholeheartedly agree!

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has warned that it will be practically and legally "extremely difficult" to preserve an open border with Northern Ireland after Brexit.

‘May doesn’t know what she wants from Brexit’ is the warning from former Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

The EU and Japan are close to a trade deal. Brexit Britain has a lot to catch up on!

The Financial Times has released a special report on Norway’s membership of the Single Market.

Finally, the EU has released a series of position papers on the Brexit Negotiations. The EU will be transparent, in contrast to the UK. These cover:

Position paper transmitted to EU27 on nuclear materials and safeguard equipment (Euratom)

Position paper transmitted to EU27 on Ongoing Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal matters.

Position paper transmitted to EU27 on Issues relating to the Functioning of the Union Institutions, Agencies and Bodies

Position paper transmitted to EU27 on Governance

Position paper transmitted to EU27 on Goods placed on the Market under Union law before the withdrawal date

Position paper transmitted to EU27 on Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters.

Position paper transmitted to EU27 on Ongoing Union Judicial and Administrative Procedures