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Scotland in Europe update 2nd June 2017

This week the EU quietly released two policy papers which lay out in great detail the EU 27’s stance on citizens’ rights and the financial settlement.

The paper on essential principles on citizens' rights can be read here:

and the paper on the essential principles on the financial settlement here:

This includes a list of all the EU bodies for which the UK has some financial responsibility (including around 40 agencies). These show, once again the level of transparency that the EU is committed to. They also illustrate how well prepared the EU is for the negotiations ahead.

The contrast to the UK’s ‘make it up as we go along’ stance could not be starker.


Closer to home the SNP launched our manifesto for the General Election, reiterating that Scotland’s people must have a choice about our future, once the options become clear and before any doors are closed. One of those choices will be for Scotland to become independent and be a member state of the EU. The other will be Brexit Britain. You can read the full manifesto here:



“If all the British pensioners who currently receive health care in other countries through EU agreements had to return, caring for them would require the NHS to spend an extra £1 billion a year.” This is the conclusion of a Nuffield Trust report on Brexit and the NHS

“Brexit poses many severe and immediate threats to the NHS, some of which are already apparent, like the loss of skilled health workers. Looking ahead, we can expect delayed approval of new drugs, weakening of environmental standards and working conditions, and even loss of access to the medical isotopes used for diagnosis and cancer treatment.” So says Professor McKee, Professor of European Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

"The economic costs of Brexit would be twice as large in the no-deal case than if the UK remains in the Single Market" is the conclusion of the LSE Centre for Economic Performance Brief.

The SDLP calls for a referendum on a united Ireland to take place after the Brexit negotiations.

The UK will need to renegotiate at least 759 international treaties, according to the FT.

Stephen Gethins and Harry Theocharis have drafted an open Letter for Europe, calling European policy makers to take to the stage in unity, across borders and political parties – in order to shape an inclusive and constructive conversation on the future of Europe.

The UK has dropped to the bottom of G7 growth rankings as the referendum result begins to have an effect.

Any savings from the UK’s contributions to the EU will be ‘dwarfed by the economic losses’ of leaving the single market, according to this analysis in Euractiv.

Universities Scotland have launched their mini manifesto for the General Election which mostly concentrates on Brexit.