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Scotland in Europe Update 22nd September 2017

Well. The Prime Minister’s speech in Florence today was underwhelming at best; where once we had ‘strong and stable’, now we have got ‘smooth and sensible’. What about ‘substance’?

May referred to more powers for Scotland but it's been clear for a while now that she intends to do the opposite. The Brexit half-truths continued as she repeatedly remarked that the UK would take back control of its borders, a false narrative given we have never been part of the Schengen area. The expectation that Brexit will be done and dusted within a two-year transition period is ambitious indeed. 

The full text of the speech is available here:

“The UK never felt truly at home in the EU” said Mrs May. I disagree. Despite decades of misinformation, a Eurosceptic or disinterested media, and a mostly lacklustre Remain campaign, Scotland voted to Remain in the EU. It’s crucial that we remember that.



Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier looks forward to "the United Kingdom's negotiators explaining the concrete implications" of Prime Minister Theresa May's speech: 

Theresa May was also in Canada this week. It did not go well.

Liam Fox has co-authored a piece about how great CETA is, despite facilitating a Brexit vote that removes the UK from all EU trade agreements and their benefits:

There will be a hard landing for Theresa May’s government as they slowly but surely realize the UK is not the empire it used to be in the forties, but 3.5% of the global economy.

Given the events of the last few days, Boris Johnson’s attempt to force Prime Minister Theresa May into capitulating to his Hard Brexit demands seems like old news. His attack on young people and their allegiances is however, worth calling out (as Ian Dunt writes) as part of Brexit’s ‘traitor’ narrative.

“So far the government has largely declined to explain to the country the choices it must make… It has communicated much of its vision through repetition of tropes and slogans that obscured, rather than revealed, meaning.”

DW published some useful advice following the huge increase UK applicants for German citizenship:

A good piece on ‘Lexit’ here from Anthony Barnett in the New Statesman:

Guy Verhofstadt has reiterated that Ireland is a priority in the Brexit negotiations:

Business leaders have urged Prime Minister May to seek a three-year transitional period following Brexit: 

Brexit represents a major threat to Scotland’s finances, according to economists at the Fraser of Allander Institute

Where do we go from here? Well, there’s a great guide over at on ‘Brexit lies and how to spot them’