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Scotland in Europe Update 20th July 2018

So what we all suspected is true. The Leave campaign cheated.

The sheer pace of the news cycle at the moment means it has been too easy for the Brexiters to move on but they must not be allowed to. The single most important decision the UK has made in 40 years was built upon a set of lies delivered by a set of cheats. Peter Geoghegan has covered this story from the beginning and it is well worth reading his thoughts:

And of course, you can read the full findings of the Electoral Commission here:

Meanwhile, the utter inability of the UK Government to negotiate in an effective manner means that the rest of the EU is getting increasingly concerned about no deal. To be clear, I still do not think that this is the most likely outcome, but the dangers of it keep increasing. The longer the UK Government continues to prioritise internal Tory squabbles, the more we risk reaching next March with no deal and all the potential chaos which that could cause.

The European Commission is busy trying to protect the EU27 from this danger and you can read their new guidelines here:

Enterprise Ireland have also released guidance for Brexit - - and German Business groups are increasingly concerned:

Scotland did not vote for this, and neither did the UK. A no deal scenario is a product of the daydreams of the nihilistic Brexiters and must be averted. The SNP will continue to stand up for Scotland in Europe, Westminster and Holyrood, and will do everything possible to ensure an independent, prosperous and European future - the opposite of what the Tories are delivering right now.



The EU has signed an important trade deal with Japan which will create an open trade zone covering over 600 million people. Scotland voted to be a part of this.

This deal will result in an increase of annual EU exports to Japan of over 13%. Remarkably, dairy products are predicted to increase by 215%. This is a real trade deal we could be a part of, not some unattainable fantasy in the mind of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The EU is also close to agreeing a deal with the Mercosur trading block (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay).

Fintan O’Toole has written an excellent piece on the Brexit White Paper asking why, in contrast to the white paper that brought the UK into Europe, there is no vision for the future.

Dr Sarah Kyambi off the University of Edinburgh has written an important and measured piece on devolving immigration powers to Scotland.

The European Parliament LIBE committee has produced a report on the options for Police Cooperation and Judicial Cooperation for the UK and EU after Brexit.

Ireland will have to hire 1,000 new customs and veterinary inspectors due to Brexit.

The National is reporting that the UK is less prepared for food rationing than it was in 1939.

There are fears that price hikes will see dairy products become luxuries post-Brexit.

Airbus and Rolls Royce are stockpiling parts in anticipation of a damaging Brexit.

Yes, a second EU Referendum is possible but the call for it must come from England otherwise it will fuel the far right. Here in Scotland a second IndyRef can be our vote on the Brexit deal if that doesn’t happen. You can read more of my thoughts here.

Justine Greening, a former Tory minister, has called for a People’s Vote on the deal.

And the Economist has also argued that it may prove necessary.

Finally, as Donald Trump visited Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon led the Glasgow Pride parade. I know which side I’m on and remember, Trump is not America.