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Roaming charges to be abolished next year

The EU will ban roaming charges for mobile phones completely next year. 

The charges for using your mobile in another European Country have been a pain for holidaymakers and business travellers for years now. 

EU officials will release plans soon to pave the way for the abolition of the excessive charges.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith – who has championed the issue for the last nine years – has welcomed the move, saying that it will ‘directly benefit consumers across Europe and support technological advances as well as provide a boost to Europe’s economy.

Alyn said:

“Roaming charges are a plague and have been for years, this will completely remove those costs with consumers across Europe seeing a direct benefit. The European Parliament has already enacted a cap of costs for phone calls, text messages and data usage but it can still be expensive to use your mobile in another Member State.

“The decision by the Commission to fast-track the process is hugely welcome and will mean this will be the last summer that Scots travelling to the continent will have to worry about a monstrous phone bill on their return.

“This is only one part of creating a single European telecoms market. Europe is falling behind North America and Asia in the technology sector. With the creation of a single market we can properly compete on the global level and ensure that European citizens get the best service for their money.

“This will create more competition, meaning cheaper deals for Europeans and provide a boost for the economy."