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Response to today’s Ruling from Lord Doherty

In response to today’s ruling from Lord Doherty in the Outer House of the Court of Session, a spokesperson for the seven Parliamentarians said:

“We note today’s Ruling and will consider the best way forward. The Ruling does not address whether Article 50 is unilaterally revocable, it simply says now is not the right moment to ask. We will make a decision on an appeal to the Inner House shortly.

“We accept, of course, that the current policy of the current UK government is that the Article 50 notice will not be withdrawn. However, the question whether it should be withdrawn is not one for this Government. It is for the UK Parliament. As many of those speaking against the successful Amendment 7 to the European Union (Withdrawal Bill) – which provided that the final deal had to be approved by statute passed by the UK Parliament – noted, that Amendment opens the door for the UK Parliament to vote to withdraw the notification.

“We consider that the question is very much a live one. We believe it needs a definitive ruling and we will announce our next steps in due course.