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Red Card For Tories & UKIP Over Use Of Flags

Time Wasting And Scaremongering In Parliament

Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament for Scotland has today (Thursday) criticised Tory and UKIP MEPs for frivolous scaremongering following the adoption of a Parliament report on sport.

The overreaction came following the adoption of 'The European Dimension in Sport' which proposed that member states could use the EU flag on sports uniforms should they wish.

Alyn said:

"The Tories and UKIP have misinterpreted this report for their own anti-EU rhetoric. It is ludicrous to claim that the EU is demanding its logo be used at sporting events.

"The European Parliament has just voted through the report 'The European Dimension in Sport' which along with a very long list of recommendations stretching from the topics of gender balance in sports organisations to match fixing, also suggests that member states sports teams can fly the EU flag alongside their national flag, should they wish.  

"The Euro-sceptics have conveniently ignored the part which states this would be entirely voluntary.

"The Tories and UKIP have been time-wasting when there are much bigger issues to be dealt with."