Puppy passports to end with no-deal Brexit

SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith today expressed his concern that if the UK leaves the EU without a deal then the current Pet Passports scheme would end.

The guidelines note:

"Should the UK become an unlisted third country, pet owners intending to travel with their pet from the UK to EU countries would need to discuss preparations for their pet’s travel with an Official Veterinarian (OV) at least four months in advance of the date they wish to travel. This means pet owners intending to travel to the EU on 30 March 2019 would need to discuss requirements with their vet before the end of November 2018."

Alyn said:

"This is just one more example of the complete lack of strategy going on at the top of government. That people are being given two months notice to sort out the administration for a process that has not yet been created is ludicrous.

“This was completely avoidable. It has always been clear that, in the absence of a fix, all EU stuff – be it residence rights, fishing rights, rights to trade with the EU, visa free travel, EU funding, rights to fly planes into or out of EU airspace, university research funding, pet passports or anything else – stops on Brexit.

“Nothing somehow rolls on. It needs an agreed fix or it stops. We need the UK Government to do its job. These so-called "technical notices" just serve to underline how absolutely insane it is to even contemplate a no-deal Brexit, but that seems to be the current state of mind of the UK Government.”