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Prominent Polish actor backs Scottish independence

Polish Actor and the Chief Executive of an international agency for performing arts in Edinburgh, Tomek Borkowy, voiced his support for a Yes vote and is encouraging Poles to engage in the independence debate.

Borkowy, now a UK citizen, has lived in the UK since the 80s and is a household name in Poland thanks to the leading role in “Dom” (Home) the country’s most popular TV series to date. 

Tomek Borkowy said:

“A Yes vote is a vote for the new opportunities for all people in Scotland, but especially for Poles, who left their country because they felt marginalised by Polish politics and politicians. A lot of us have succeeded here and many more will.  Scotland gave us an opportunity, and we will repay our debt. 

"I will vote Yes because I strongly believe that this is the best deal for the people.  We Poles are a freedom loving nation. Only 25 years ago we reclaimed our full independence. We understand the need of a nation for self-determination and most of us, I hope, will support it.  

“Scotland has more economic potential than most European countries which regained their independence in the last quarter of a century and I urge all of my countrymen to vote Yes and be involved in the social, cultural and political life of our adopted country.  

"Unlike the rest of the UK, which persistently is more inward looking, Scottish parties supporting independence are outward thinking. Scottish independence will open more self-development opportunities for Poles and the prospect of a balanced and enhanced life for them and for their children."

Commenting SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

"I'm delighted to have Tomek on board. The connections between the people of Scotland and Poland are centuries old and continue to develop.

“I’m pleased and proud that so many Poles and migrants from other parts of the EU choose to live and work in Scotland. They have already made a fantastic contribution to the Scottish economy, society and to the Scottish cultural scene and I hope they will continue to do so in an independent Scotland.

“It becomes clear that EU nationals who live and work here are seeking to get involved in the debate and I'd like to encourage all new Scots to register to vote. Let’s remember that everyone who lives and works here has a stake in Scotland's future.

“September’s vote means a lot to Scotland and also to the EU nationals living here, as maintaining and enhancement of Scotland's position as a constructive and full member of the EU depends on our Yes vote!

“With the main Westminster parties competing to see who can best out-do UKIP's anti-EU and anti-immigration sentiment, and with the Conservative Party committed to an in/out referendum on Europe by 2017, it is only a Yes vote that can secure Scotland's position in the European Union and guarantee the rights of EU nationals here as well as Scottish nationals living and working in other parts of the EU.”