Posties deliver a 'yes' to independence

One of Scotland's biggest trade union branches has overwhelming back a yes vote in the 2014 independence referendum it has been announced. The Scotland No2 branch of the Communication Workers Union - the 2nd largest branch in Scotland with over 4000 members - backed the motion at their Annual General Meeting held yesterday [Sunday] in Edinburgh. 

The motion also gives full backing to Yes Scotland, pledges to affiliate to the Trade Unions for Independence and promises to play an active role in the campaign for independence. 

The branch is also to consider lodging a motion at the national organisation's conference calling for national support for independence. 

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Commenting Alyn Smith MEP said:

"This is a first class move by our Postal Workers. 

"Under Blair - and subsequently Brown - UK's Labour privatisation agenda in government severely weakened our postal service and the rights of Royal Mail workers. In order to protect our postal services from further decimation by the Westminster government, the Scottish Parliament must inherit powers to control over mail delivery and services in Scotland. That is why we have seen such an overwhelming backing of this motion and why posties are backing independence. 

"With the Tories continuing their slash and burn approach to public services - coupled with the recent swing to the right by the Scottish Labour party - we are seeing an ever increasing number of trade unionists back independence as the only means to save our lifeline services such as the postal service.

"With a yes vote in 2014, the Scottish Parliament will be able to ensure protection for our public services against the crippling actions of Westminster. With this backing from our posties, we're well on our way to delivering in 2014."

The motion adopted "overwhelmingly" by the Scotland No2 Branch of CWU is below:

"This Branch recognises that the referendum on Scottish Independence, due to be held in autumn 2014, will be the biggest political decision any of us has been asked to make in our lives. 

We recognise that under consecutive governments the gap between rich and poor has widened and that the UK remains one of the most unequal societies in the developed nations of the world. 

We further recognise that round after round of anti trade union legislation, introduced by Tory governments throughout the 80s and 90s remain on the statute book despite 13 years of Labour government ’97-2010.

To this end we believe that the only way forward for workers in Scotland is to ensure a YES vote in the referendum and we agree to do all in our power to secure such an outcome.

To this end we pledge to:

1. Affiliate to the “Trade Unionists for Independence” campaign.

2. Give our full support to YES Scotland and take an active role within the campaign.

3. Initiate debate on the issue at future branch meetings, with invited speakers from both sides of the argument. 

4. Consider placing a motion to annual conference calling for support for our position and ensuring the continued unity of Postal and other workers throughout the UK and the wider world. The committee is instructed accordingly."