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Ofgem delay threatens island renewables

Ofgem has announced that it will delay making a decision on plans which would reduce transmission charges for renewable schemes in parts of Scotland.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

"Renewable energy generators from Scotland's island and remote communities have been waiting long enough for Ofgem to end the discrimination they face getting electricity onto the National Grid.

"While the proposed changes announced over the summer weren't perfect, they were a step in the right direction and would mean a reduction in transmission charges for Scottish generators from next year. Pushing the final decision back to March means a further three months of uncertainty and another year of high charges for Scotland while generators elsewhere in the UK continue to receive subsidies for connecting to the grid. That is, quite simply, unfair.

"Renewable energy is the energy of the future and our transmission charging regime has to reflect that instead of risking investment in future projects.

"We've won the natural resources lottery for the second time in Scotland - but only if we can get the energy from where it's produced to where it's needed and that means affordable access to the National Grid. Our renewables industry needs clarity and Ofgem has once again failed them."