SNP Euro-MP Wins Concession from EU Commissioner on Funding

"Commissioner warned of injustice done to Highlands and Islands"

SNP MEP Mr Alyn Smith has this morning (Tuesday) secured agreement from EU Commissioner-designate Danuta Hubner to re-examine the funding status of the Highlands and Islands. While not raising false hopes, this is a step forward compared to the unwillingness of the UK government to take up the issue.

Mr Smith was questioning the Commissioner-designate at the European Parliament hearing whereby each proposed Commissioner must satisfy MEPs that they are up to the job. The European Parliament will vote on the appointment of the Commissioners later in the year.

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Scottish Executive Launches International Relations Strategy

"Buzzwords, warm words, group hugs, gimmicks and fluff"

SNP MEP Mr Alyn Smith has today commented upon the content of the much trailed Scottish Executive International Strategy launched this morning (Thursday).

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SNP Euro-MP Appointed to Parliamentary Delegation

"Let's see how european non-EU states manage"

SNP MEP Mr Alyn Smith has today been confirmed as a full member of the European Parliament's 17-man delegation for relations with Switzerland, Iceland and Norway and the European Economic Area. The delegation covers relations with European states which are not members of the European Union and is of particular relevance to Scotland given that Iceland and Norway are so close to us, yet not EU members.

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