Scots Diet To Benefit From Ground-Breaking OMEGA 3 Testing In Scotland

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today (Friday) called for greater awareness of the benefits of OMEGA 3 after receiving his own test results at Stirling University's world-leading Institute for Aquaculture.

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European Renewable Energy Strategy Welcomed

Alyn Smith, SNP MEP has today (Wednesday) hailed the publication of the EU's Renewable Energy Strategy post 2020 as a "massive opportunity for Scotland" which "fits hand in glove" with our own domestic agenda.

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Alyn Hails Report On Kurdish Rights


SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith has today (Tuesday) hailed a report on the Kurdish population of Turkey which calls on the Turkish Government to prevent human rights abuses and secure democratic autonomy for the Kurdish people.

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Pesticide Impact On Bees Proves Need For Robust Science

Alyn Smith MEP, Scottish full member of the European Parliament's Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, has welcomed the admission by the European Food Safety Authority that toxic pesticides such as neonicotinoids may well have an adverse effect on the health of honeybees. 

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Alarm At UK Cuts To Renewables

Scotland’s sole representative on the European Parliament’s Energy Committee Alyn Smith MEP has today (Monday) reacted with alarm to reports that the UK Chancellor George Osborne is to demand “massive cuts” to renewable energy. Alyn has written to the Chancellor seeking reassurances that the support mechanisms for renewables will remain in place in order to give investors long term security.

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Scottish Victory At Olympics

Olympic Chiefs Bow To Fan Pressure

Saltire To Fly High Over Hampden

Scotland's national flag will now be allowed to fly over Hampden Park during this summer's Olympic Games, it was revealed today.

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How Is EID Affecting Scotland's Sheep Farmers?

"No stone left unturned to make this better"

Alyn Smith MEP will announce at Scotsheep on 6th June the launch of a survey of all farmers in Shetland to gather real statistics and data on the impact that the regulation on the electronic tagging (EID) of sheep has had in Scotland. Alyn's survey will by way of background also explain the timeline of EID and how it came to pass at all, the success the SNP government has had in making the EU Regulations workable and work ongoing to further reform the package.

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Alyn Hails No On ACTA

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today (Thursday) hailed a vote to reject the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in the European Parliament's Industry Committee (ITRE), of which he is the only Scots member.
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Starting Gun Fires On EU Offshore Oil & Gas Safety Regulation

Exchange Of Views In European Parliament's Energy Committee Slates Proposals

SNP MEP and sole Scots MEP on the European Parliament's Energy Committee Alyn Smith has questioned the need for the proposed Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Regulation, and been assured by European Commission representatives that they want to see "improvements, but no disruption to existing best practice" in the North Sea.

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'Energy Security Must Be At Forefront of EU Energy Policy'

EU 2050 Energy Roadmap Discussed In Energy Committee 

Alyn Smith, SNP MEP and sole Scots member of the European Parliament’s Energy Committee has today (Wednesday) highlighted the significance of energy security in the EU’s long-term energy goals.

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