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Supreme Court ruling: Stirling Tory MP must apologise for supporting unlawful suspension of Parliament

SNP MEP has called for Stirling Tory MP Stephen Kerr to apologise for having supported the suspension of the Westminster Parliament, which has today been found unlawful by the Supreme Court. 


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Scotland in Europe Update: 20th September 2019

This week, in your fully-operational and not-remotely-prorogued parliament in Strasbourg, the SNP MEPs were hard at work and joined by Scotland's Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations, Michael Russell.

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There is no 'good' Brexit - we need more time

Alyn's speech is available to view here

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Alyn to European Parliament: "There is no good Brexit"

SNP MEP, Alyn Smith, has today (Wednesday), on the fifth anniversary of the independence referendum, told the European Parliament there is "no good Brexit" and said that Scotland must have the chance to choose its own future as an equal, independent member of the EU.  

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Alyn and Bruce Crawford MSP praise Creative Stirling

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford and Scotland MEP Alyn Smith have praised the efforts of Creative Stirling, as developments continue at their new Creative Hub site on King Street.

Creative Stirling 1

Alyn Smith MEP, Bruce Crawford MSP and Jo Hall of Creative Stirling at the Creative Hub on King Street

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Scotland in Europe Update: 13th September 2019

The UK’s Parliament is not sitting. In the midst of arguably the greatest crisis that the UK has faced since the 1930s, the UK Parliament has been closed down because the democratically-elected representatives of the people have views that Boris Johnson finds inconvenient.

Fortunately, the law in Scotland says something else. The Court of Session found in favour of a cross-party group of politicians led by Joanna Cherry MP and Jo Maugham QC. Obviously, this is not the end and the UK Government’s appeal against the ruling will be heard by the Supreme Court in London next week. If you want to read the full judgement you can do here:


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Poll: SNP the only party that can beat the Tories in Stirling

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has urged voters to use their vote to help stop constituencies like Stirling from re-electing a Brexiteer Tory MP. 

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Scotland in Europe Update: 6th September 2019

What a week! The Government keeps losing votes, MPs, longstanding members and support. Even the Prime Minister's brother has deserted him.

It is clear that this Government is focused on getting Brexit over the line at any cost, because Boris Johnson has invested so much of his personal political capital in doing so. It doesn’t matter that two of the four constituent parts of this United Kingdom voted to Remain in the EU, doesn’t matter that the vote three years ago was narrow and plagued with concerns over legalities and around the information available, doesn’t matter that the current Prime Minister himself was hauled up by the UK statistics authority for a “clear misuse of official statistics”. There is a core gang in Downing Street willing to put the no deal gun to the collective head of the UK and tell the EU “we’ll do it”.

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Alyn to seek nomination for Stirling ahead of General Election

Alyn Smith has contacted all branches and the Constituency Association of Stirling SNP to seek the nomination for the Stirling Westminster seat at the next General Election. He confirmed he is approved vetting and his application letter is reproduced below.

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Scotland in Europe Update: 30th August 2019

First things first, the behaviour of the UK Government this week is completely outrageous.

There is no way to get around the fact that an executive that was elected by a small minority of Tory party members is trying to stifle a UK Parliament that was democratically elected.

Having said that, we all need to keep our heads and work this through. The mechanics of this are unchanged. The options remain: deal, no deal or revoke. Our preference is for the latter but whatever happens one of those three must be picked. Extending Article 50 is an option, and may be necessary to avoid no deal, but it is not a longterm answer.

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