Agriculture MEP Highland Show "Champion of Champions"

03 July 2009
SNP MEP Mr Alyn Smith is celebrating a successful few days at the Highland Show in Ingliston, having won the prestigious Scottish Farmer Magazine award for Outstanding Contribution to Scottish Agriculture, as well as the Scottish Farmer "Champion of Champions" award chosen by the judges from amongst the other award winners. He was also presented with a silver salver from the National Sheep Association for outstanding service to the sheep industry.

Speaking after the show, Smith said:

"I'm just delighted by these awards, for a politician to be nominated at all was unusual, but to actually win, and then win the Champion of Champions as well was totally unexpected!

"As I said accepting the award, politics is a team game and I am proud to have such a good team working with me and the SNP government in Scotland as well as the great team in Scottish Agriculture to represent. Scotland has a lot going for us, and I'm firmly of the view that Scottish Agriculture has nothing to lose and everything to gain from engaging with the EU on every level.

"We certainly have a lot to do, with Common Agricultural Policy reform rocketing up the agenda in Brussels, as well as LFA reform, potential new rules on animal transport, animal by products, and a host of other issues to keep an eye on. I'll need all the support I can get in fighting Scotland's corner but I'm sure Scotland's representatives will have all the support we need."

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