New horizon for EU research


A €70 billion funding programme for research and innovation has been launched by the EU. Called Horizon 2020,  the programme is a big opportunity for Scotland.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

"Scottish research institutions do well competing for international research funding. Scotland's further education and research sectors brought in around €505 million from the last round of this EU funding with a record number of Scots winning bids. We've a good tale to tell, a good record to build on, and good experience to learn from.

"The Horizon 2020 negotiations took a lot of time and effort - especially the budget - but there's a lot to welcome in the final package. Money is ringfenced for clean energy research and small businesses and there's a strong commitment to gender equality.

"Scotland is recognised around the world as a top-class research nation. We've got the highest concentration of universities in Europe, more research is conducted here than anywhere else per head of population and we pull in more international money than anywhere else in the UK for research.

"Ideas and innovation aren't bound by borders. Cooperation with our European and international partners is key to our success. Scotland punches above her weight on research and science funding.

"Horizon 2020 is a massive opportunity that we should grab with both hands. You never know, we might even uncover another Higgs or Napier, a new Somerville, a Macintyre or a Fleming!"