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New appointments to SNP team

Recently re-elected Alyn Smith MEP has today (Wednesday) announced two new appointments to his team to help campaign for Scottish human rights and international law in advance of the independence referendum vote in September.

Andrew Tickell, academic lawyer and blogger as Lallands Peat Worrier, and Stephen Gethins, international relations consultant and former special advisor to the First Minister have joined the team on a part time consultancy basis. Both will be working on raising awareness of the very real threat to Scotland's continued enjoyment of ECHR rights and EU membership, Scotland's opportunities as a full member of the International Community, as well as stressing the exciting opportunities involved in the constitution writing process.

Alyn said:

"It is an exciting time to be part of Scottish politics, and where the energising possibilities of a Yes vote are there for all to see, I'm also concerned about the risks of a No vote and continued Westminster control of our affairs. Stephen and Andrew bring real firepower to this argument and augment the team as I focus on being out and about on the doorstep."

Andrew Tickell added:

"I have been commenting on Scottish, UK and European law and politics for years, and it is clearer and clearer that the UK government is going to systematically misrepresent, denigrate and undermine human rights and the EU, and I think that should worry everyone in Scotland. The status quo will not be the status quo for long if Scotland votes No.

"The time is right to join the SNP team and put my shoulder to the wheel for Yes. We have a great deal to win and independence will open many exciting possibilities, especially as we consider how to enshrine Scottish values, and how we want to organise a new state, in our constitution."

Stephen Gethins added:

"Scotland in the world will be an exciting force for good, a positive and pro-active member of the EU and broader international community. As the UK heads for the EU exit only independence can ensure a future within the EU and give our country the strong voice it needs to protect Scotland's interests. Just like our neighbours, other similar sized countries, Scotland will be an active member of the international community and doing our bit to promote peace and prosperity globally."