Microchipping your pup could save his life, says Alyn

Alyn Smith, SNP MEP and honorary Vice President of the Scottish SPCA, has today welcomed the Scottish Government’s decision to make microchipping compulsory for all dogs from 2016. 

This decision follows a public consultation in which 83% of respondents agreed that all dogs should be microchipped. 

Alyn said:

“This is fantastic news. Most of the dog owners I know have already had their pets microchipped but for those who haven’t, Dogs Trust is offering the service for free in its rehoming centres and mobile clinics throughout Scotland.

“On my visit to Dogs Trust Glasgow, I saw dogs whose owners were almost certainly worrying themselves sick, trying to find their missing pet.

“Collars can fall off or be removed but that tiny chip stays put. Microchipping is an absolutely invaluable tool in helping reunite lost, stolen, or strayed dogs with their owners. If your pet wanders off, you can simply check the central database.

“I believe it could also be a valuable tool in tackling puppy-farming and puppy smuggling.

“This is decisive action on the part of the Scottish Government, and I absolutely welcome it.”

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead added:

“In 2014, over 10,000 dogs across these islands were reunited with their owners as a result of a microchip. This is an impressive figure, but it could be improved on dramatically by ensuring that all dogs are microchipped, and, equally important, that their details are kept up-to-date.”


For more information on the free microchipping service offered by Dogs Trust, please click here