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MEPs tell Commission 'try harder' on GM feed

A European Commission on GMO food and feed opt-outs was today (Wednesday) rejected as ‘deeply flawed and unworkable’ by MEPs. 

The Commission’s streamlined decision-making process for EU GMO approvals would allow member states or regions to opt-out of GM food or feed, but the legality of such opt-outs was under question. 

Alyn Smith, Scotland’s voice on the Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, said:

“The GM authorisation process is a tricky beast, and I understand the need to reform it. Authorisations proceed despite flawed risk assessments, the opposition of EU governments, and the objections of a majority of EU citizens.  

“But we threw out the proposal because it would have given no legal certainty to member states opting out of GMO authorisations. As a lawyer to trade, I know a legally dubious guddle when I see it, and that’s exactly what we sent back to the Commission.  

"The international appeal of Scottish food and drink is based on our hard-won reputation for clean, green, natural produce and with continued public scepticism on GM crops we would be foolish to put this at risk for the hypothetical potential benefits of an as yet unproven technology. GM science can continue to evolve in the lab, not our environment."

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