MEP welcomes vote on equal marriage

SNP MEP and long-term campaigner for equal marriage Alyn Smith has welcomed today’s vote in the Scottish Parliament to pass the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1. If the bill is successful, Scotland will join other countries such as New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Norway and Sweden in legalising equal marriage.


Speaking after the vote, Smith said:
“Today’s vote is another historic day for our parliament, our country and for everyone who has campaigned over the years for equality.
“Marriage is, for me, about two people who love each other and I’m delighted that our representatives in the Scottish Parliament have voted on the same basis. I have full confidence that we will also see the bill passed at committee stage and when it comes again to the full parliament at stage 3.
“I also have confidence that a sufficient accommodation can be granted to those faith groups unable to endorse society's norms that they will feel confident they will not be forced to.  Equally, while faith groups clearly have a place in our public discourse, it is for us as a society of all faiths and none to decide how we live.
“It is clear from events around the world that legalising same-sex marriage is becoming the norm of progressivism. Scotland has always been a tolerant nation and we should waste no time in joining those other countries to have already made equal marriage legal.”