MEP welcomes news on same-sex marriage in France

SNP Alyn Smith has praised French politicians for approving a marriage bill allowing same-sex couples to marry today (Tuesday), despite vocal opposition from some conservatives.

Lawmakers in the lower house National Assembly, where President Francois Hollande's Socialists have an absolute majority, passed the bill by 331 votes for and 225 against. As a result, France has become the 14th country to legalise same-sex marriage following New Zealand last week.

Smith said:

“The legislation, which was approved in the Senate earlier this month, makes France the ninth country in Europe to approve same-sex marriage. I hope that we are not far behind and soon we will be able to celebrate a similar victory in Scotland.

"I send my congratulations to those who fought for equal marriage rights in France as well as those who listened and voted in favour of this milestone legislation.

"I am delighted to see yet another country adopt these laws in such a short period of time and I hope this French victory will send a positive message to other European states and beyond."