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MEP urges equal marriage on Valentine's Day

Alyn Smith MEP has called on Scots to submit their own responses to the Scottish Government consultation on the Bill on equal marriage. equal_marriage.jpeg

Speaking after submitting his own response, Alyn said:

“St Valentine’s Day seemed to me to be an appropriate day to submit my response to the consultation on equal marriage, given that Valentine was put to death for opposing a marriage ban on young people.

“We don’t face anyone like the Roman Emperor Claudius II and we haven’t had to perform marriages in secret, in Scotland’s modern democracy persuasion, communication and debate are what is moving this debate forward.

“I’m in favour of nearly everything in the draft Bill.  In fact, barring one or two minor niggles, I’m delighted with the work that’s been done by the Scottish Government to bring it to this stage and I’m confident that the passage of the Bill will be smooth and completed with grace and good manners.

“It’s good to see that marriage equality will become a reality in Scotland in the very near future, that we will finally see that love is the driver of marriage in Scotland.  I'll be publishing my response on my website and I’d encourage everyone to read the draft Bill and get their response in – make sure your voice is heard.”