MEP Praises Child Safety In Scotland

Scotland is making major improvements in child safety - but more still
needs to be done, a leading Euro MP said today.

A major new EU-sponsored report shows that injury remains the leading cause of child and adolescent death among Scottish children.

The survey puts Scotland, which was assessed independently, above the average
in working to keep youngsters safe and shows that the situation north of
the border has improved progressively since the SNP government took over in 2007.

Scottish Euro member Alyn said that he welcomed how much
Scotland had achieved in protecting children from injury - but urged that we continue to invest in keeping them safe.

Scotland is one of 31 different countries where Child Safety Report Cards
have been launched. A separate European Summary Report Card scores them on
their level of adoption, implementation and enforcement of more 100 strategies to prevent unintentional injury.

Scotland's 2012 results also show that, for the first time, we have received an overall grade of good performance.

Speaking from Strasbourg, SNP MEP Alyn said:

"It's encouraging to see that Scotland is leading the way in such an important area.

"Having said that, we can never do enough to protect the safety of children. There is still work to do and we must continue to invest in the protection of young people who are, after all, the future."

While Scotland was better than average and merited a 'good' grade on its report card, England and Wales were both rated 'fair'. Northern Ireland did not take part.

Alyn continued:

"It's a shame that no country has received an excellent grade for their report card. This is disappointing and shows that
there is definitely room for improvement while highlighting the need for projects such as this."

Scotland could learn from nations like the Netherlands, he added, which was an example of first class practice. If we had achieved Holland's level of
success, a remarkable 44 per cent of child lives lost here due to injury in 2009 could have been prevented.

"The Child Safety Report Cards show our actions are paying off.

"However, our report points out that future progress may be limited because we only have certain powers. Just think how much better we could do if we had a greater ability to act for ourselves."

Scotland's Child Safety Report Card can be found at

The European Summary Report Card can be found at