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MEP bullish about campaign

As one of Europe's biggest bull runs gets underway, SNP MEP Alyn Smith has received substantial international and cross-party support for his campaign to end EU funding for bullfighting.

Alyn said:

"Each day of the infamous Pamplona bull run the narrow streets echo to the sound of terrified animals and pounding hooves as dozens of bulls are beaten by screaming crowds and forced towards their grisly end
. The barbarism reaches its peak in the bullring where the bulls are tortured to death.

"You might never have seen a bullfight but you're paying for it. EU subsidies - your money - is used to help fund the breeding of the bulls for this supposed sport. Neither this 'sport' nor those subsidies have any place in the 21st century.

"The EU trumpets commitment to animal welfare but funds bullfighting with money that's supposed to help farmers produce food. Our farmers follow strict animal welfare rules all the way to the slaughterhouse while those who rear fighting bulls only cause the animals pain. These bulls are subjected to hours of torture before a long, slow, painful death.

"Thousands of people from around the world have signed up to my campaign to end bullfighting subsidies, including other MEPs. I'm overwhelmed by the support so far and delighted to see the signatures still rolling in. It's clear that no-one wants their taxes spent on this outdated and abhorrent activity."