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MEP backs €1.5 million in EU funding available for Scotland’s coasts

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has urged Scots to take advantage of a new €1.5 million fund made available by the European Commission for linking nautical routes across Europe. 

Coastal tourism is one of the most popular types of tourism in Europe, with two out of three European tourists preferring to spend their holidays on the coast. 

Alyn said:

“The Banff Coastal Tourism Programme back in 2010 -2011 won £102,600 in EU funding to build rural tourism around the coast, so it’s well worth applying for funding when it’s offered. We remain full members of the EU up until the minute the UK finishes its withdrawal. 

“Scotland’s magnificent coastline is a popular destination for many European holidaymakers, and rightly so! Concurrently, plenty of Scots enjoy their trips to the scenic strands around Europe. So it makes sense to get involved with this project, and to keep talking to Europe about Scotland.”

More information on proposals and how to apply is available here:

For further information on the Banff Coastal Tourism Programme, please see page 7