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MEP Alyn Explains How Europe Works On 'EU-Tube'

One of Scotland’s leading politicians is on a mission to strip away the mysteries of Europe – through his own ‘EU-tube’ television channel.



MEP Alyn Smith has taken on the mantle of broadcasting producer and presenter and set up a series of online videos.

But - unlike most telly programmes - viewers will have the chance to contact him directly and ask any question they like about the EU.

SNP Euro member Alyn is one of six MEPS of different parties representing Scotland in the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg.

He’s keen to ensure that Scots are fully informed about what actually happens at the EU and how it is relevant to them – especially as our place in Europe will be one of the main subjects for debate in the run-up to the 2014 independence referendum.

An introductory video has already been posted on You Tube as part of his new Alyn Explains series. They will be linked to Twitter and Facebook and will also be put up on his web site.

Alyn said:

“A lot of people see Europe as something distant and complex, but it’s hugely relevant to Scotland as a lot of things affecting us all happen there.

“The videos are intended to explain how the EU works and to give everyone in Scotland the opportunity to ask anything they’d like to know and to get answers.”

He continued:

“Though we’ll often be dealing with big issues and serious subjects, the videos are intended to be short, snappy and fun to watch. I hope people will enjoy them and learn from them.

“They may hear stories about the amount of money the EU spends, but I’m shooting these myself on my own iPad and then uploading them myself, so giving out the information in this way costs nothing at all.”