M8 motorway to be completed with EU funds

The SNP have today [Monday] welcomed the announcement that the European Investment Bank will provide funding of £175 million to support infrastructure projects in Scotland. The funding will include both completion of the M8 motorway between Scotland’s two largest cities and major improvements to the M73 and M74.

The projects will not only reduce congestion on the motorway network but also increase safety and journey times.

Welcoming the announcement, SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

“This funding will see major infrastructure projects across Scotland get underway and will provide an immediate boost to the economy through the hundreds of jobs being created.

“The projects will also have a lasting economic benefit to the wider Scottish economy through inward investment and continued business growth that will accompany the delivery. There will also be decreased congestion and journey times between our two main cities, whilst also making the route a safer one to drive.

“The projects also serve as a real example of the positive outcomes that can be achieved when working collaboratively with the EU, instead of the combative approach adopted by the Westminster government. With a yes vote this September we will be able to not only take control of our finances but also take our own seat at the EU negotiation table and work together to deliver more for Scotland.”