LGBTI rights to get support at UN Human Rights Council

EU Member States urged to speak out against homophobia.

Alyn Smith MEP, director of LGBT Youth Scotland, has welcomed the European Parliament’s resolution calling on EU Member States to voice their support for LGBTI people at the United National Human Rights Council.

In a resolution adopted today (Thursday) in Strasbourg the Parliament urged EU Member States’ leaders to stand up to unfair and restrictive legislation, such as the infamous Foreign Agents law in Russia.

Alyn, who is also a member of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights said:

“EU Member States must promote global equality and support LGBTI rights defenders across the world. So-called anti-propaganda laws, which make the work of LGBTI civil society organisations near impossible, should be perceived as a direct attack on LGBTI community, they are in breach of our rights and against our values.

“LGBTI people in many countries still suffer discrimination, violence and are victims of systemic injustice in Nigeria, Russia, Algeria to name a few. I’m not claiming that the EU has got it right, there is a still lot to do but we’re making progress in Europe and we should try lead as example and influence others to bring positive change for LGBTI people across the world.” 

Click HERE to read the full text of the resolution.