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Leading EU expert backs up SNP position on Europe

A leading expert on the European Union has today [Tuesday] backed up the Scottish Government’s position that an independent Scotland would remain in the EU, as the Commission would adopt a "common-sense approach" to cause the “least disruption” to the EU.

Dr Daniel Kenealy, Lecturer in European Union Studies and Deputy Director of the Academy of Government at the University of Edinburgh, made the comments in a piece for the University’s website and claims that the EU’s "commitment to democracy and self-determination" is incompatible with expelling Scotland from the European Union.

Welcoming the comments, Euro MP Alyn Smith said:

“These comments back up the position of the Scottish Government that an independent Scotland would maintain EU membership.

“Dr Kenealy helpfully points out that the ‘spirit of good faith and cooperation’ is fundamental to the EU’s founding principles - and ensures Scotland’s membership. There’s no question that it is in the EU’s interest for Scotland to remain inside the European Union.

“The EU is no stranger to dealing with new constitutional situations, and will adopt a common-sense approach - just as it has done in the past.

“We have always said that there will be negotiations, but that will of course happen from within inside the EU, and run parallel to the negotiations with the UK Government between a 'yes' vote in 2014 and independence day in 2016.

“In reality the only threat to Scotland’s place in the EU is the continued moves by the UK Government towards isolation. As Scotland looks to take our seat at the top table in Europe with independence, the Tory-led UK Government is fast scurrying towards the exit."